DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Father’s Day

DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Father’s Day

With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time to show your dad just how special he is. Of all the things you could do to celebrate this special day, the best way would be to spend quality time with him doing what he loves. While you are at it, you could throw him a party, decorate your home in ways that he would appreciate, or make him lovely DIY gifts. 

Here are some simple ways to get you started. 

Family picture collage

There’s nothing a father loves more than his family. Spend some time choosing his favourite family pictures, print them out, and frame them in different ways. This picture wall can be a lovely addition to any room. Make sure there are pictures of his favourite holidays, places he has visited, and lovely times spent together as a family.

DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Father’s Day

Repurpose old furniture

If there are any old pieces of furniture that your father had set aside for repair, give him a surprise and refurbish them now. Give your dad’s favourite wickerwork chair a new lease on life by redoing the cane weaving. Repair old wooden chairs and give them a new look with a coat of spray paint. Or repurpose an old trunk into a centre table for the living room. 

DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Father’s Day

Put those beer bottles to good use

Don’t throw away those beer bottles after the party is over. Add some style to your Father’s Day table decorations by filling the empty beer bottles with water and using them as vases for some fresh cut flowers.

DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Father’s Day

Stencil art

Stencil art is fun to create and easy, too. This leaf stencil on a white background looks elegant in a simple black frame. Use white handmade paper and watercolours and fill in the outlines with a fine liner pen. You can be sure that your father will cherish it, simply because it’s made by you.

DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Father’s Day

Reset his workspace

Set up a home office for your father in a quiet corner of your home. Define the spaces well with dedicated storage shelves, stationery organisers, a new table lamp, and an ergonomically designed chair.

DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Father’s Day

Gift him a plant

A home can never have too many plants! 

Gift your dad these potted plants in pretty ceramic tubs, and he can place them on his desk at work, or in the workspace, you have created for him at home. Succulents are an excellent choice as they need minimal sunlight and minimal watering. This way, even if he gets too caught up at work, your plants will still thrive.

DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Father’s Day

A hammock is a great idea

It’s time for a siesta. Your father works hard and deserves a lovely afternoon nap, don’t you think? Set up this beautiful hammock in a shady balcony or a corner of a quiet room, and you can be sure he will love his well-deserved rest. 

DIY Home Décor Ideas for This Father’s Day

All said and done, think of ways in which you can make him happy. After all, you know him best! 

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