Building Homes That Echo The Charms Of The Past

Florentine domes, Grecian columns, and regal pediments. These are often the distinctive architectural styles of the homes that the House of Hiranandani builds.

“Our architectural style and symmetry are inspired by traditional designs which are implemented with a contemporary outlook,” says Surendra Hiranandani, CMD, House of Hiranandani.

In an exclusive interview with RoofandFloor, he spoke extensively about the unique designs of their projects.

Here are the excerpts.

Buildings that reflect elegance and heritage

The House of Hiranandani meticulously designs properties based on neoclassical architectural trends.

“Like artwork, our buildings stand out as individual masterpieces. The architecture reflects elegance and heritage with a subtle dash of modernity in the neoclassical style. This comprises arched windows and elaborate pillars adorned with ornamental motifs and lofted arches,” explains Surendra.

Their imposing, majestic domes and dentil architecture silhouetted against the skyline make brand Hiranandani stand out against the regular square blocks of residential towers.

Surendra further adds, “Good architecture stands apart from the innumerable structures that are rampantly built just to sell. We believe designing architecture on this concept translates to constructing space from within, rather than the outside.”

Best suited for Indian weather

The design of a Hiranandani building is well-suited for Indian weather, especially for coastline cities.

“Our design provides protection from the sun and rains by breaking the force of elements. Unlike modern, curtain-walled buildings, the neoclassical design is the most suitable for our climate,” says Surendra.

Quality is the USP

The House of Hiranandani prides itself on attention to detail, drawing on their over four years of real estate experience. The company believes in offering homebuyers a complete living experience where architectural landscapes play a crucial role along with other amenities.

“Quality has been our real USP. We try to integrate ourselves and add value to the whole city, the neighbourhood, and the community around it. All our projects are a perfect combination of location, thoughtful planning and world-class amenities,” explains Surendra.

Implementing new technologies

The House of Hiranandani might focus on tradition, but Surendra believes that technology is also part of their operating philosophy. From the introduction of copper plumbing to sewage recycling, it’s part of the company’s efforts to incorporate the advantages of technology as well.

All buildings have the same colour

All Hiranandani buildings use the same ivory beige synthetic plaster. The same colour is used to give it a community feeling. Interesting, isn’t it?

A diversified portfolio

More known for their premium residences, the company recently forayed into the affordable housing segment with projects in Chennai and Hyderabad.

Plans for the current fiscal

The company is looking to grow at 15% per annum with a two-pronged expansion strategy, which includes maximising development at existing townships and foraying into commercial real estate. The expansion plan includes venturing into northern and western cities.

Hiranandani’s top projects:

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