Building a drop zone for your family

Building a drop zone in your home for your familyThe drop zone is a fixture like a shelf or a table at the entryway which doubles as a handy place to keep your car keys, umbrellas, bags, backpacks, helmets or anything that you require on the go. Creating a drop zone helps keep things organized. If the size or the design of your home does not lend itself to a drop zone by the entryway, you can create one in the corner of your kitchen or any other room near the main entrance.

First of all, you have to decide if the drop zone will house school bags, files, keys, wallets, sport equipment or coats hooks. Keep in mind all members of the household, including babies and pets, while designing a drop zone. The drop zone should be helpful to everyone. If it’s a small household, you can create a shelf or a table in a corner near the entrance; if the household is larger, perhaps you can build receptacles and cabinets into the shelf. Speak to everyone and find out what kind of things will be put down in the drop zone and design it accordingly.

Use the drop zone to organize your things – you can sort your items by type into their respective containers. Ensure that you leave items in their designated spots after every use – else, the drop zone will soon become a clutter zone and will be just another mess in the house. If it does get messy, don’t let the shoulders droop – take out some time to restore it back.

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