Beat the Heat With These Ventilation Tips

Beat the Heat With These Ventilation Tips

Temperatures have begun to rise, and it looks like we are in for yet another sizzling summer. Wondering how to stay cool this summer? Well, RoofandFloor spoke to Dipti Das, AVP- Design of HomeLane to get some tried and tested tips. 

Here are the excerpts.

Cross Ventilate

Set up a cross-ventilation current by opening windows on opposite sides of the room. It would be best to open the windows to let in the fresh early morning air, between 6 AM to 8 AM, and again in the evenings post 7 PM. When the sun is at its peak, opening the windows could do more harm than good; so avoid keeping the windows open all day.

Set up an indoor waterfall

Table-top waterfalls with circulating water are a great way to cool down a room. As the water flows, it reduces the temperature of the surrounding air and increases the humidity. What’s more? With the waterfall as a focal point, you can create your own indoor version of a Zen garden.

Add indoor plants

Indoor plants are natural temperature regulators. Plants lose water through transpiration, and when this water evaporates, it reduces the temperature in the surrounding air.

Beat the Heat With These Ventilation Tips

A bonus is that indoor humidity is maintained at optimal levels, and toxins in the air are purified. Go green and stay calm.

Turn off unnecessary lights

Something you probably did not realise is that incandescent lights radiate a lot of heat and can raise the indoor temperature by several degrees. Swap these lights out for LED or CFL lamps, which are cooler and also consume less electricity. 

Fill your window ledges and balconies with plants

Place potted plants in your windows, in such a position that they block out the sun’s rays. Climbers like money plants can be grown on balcony grills and staircase rails to create shade and keep the indoors cool. Without a doubt, plants are the best natural air conditioners.

Beat the Heat With These Ventilation Tips
Add greenery to your balcony

Keep the fans on

Ceiling and pedestal fans keep the indoor air moving, and this can help to keep the room cooler. Looking for a quick fix that cools the room in a jiffy? If you keep a shallow bowl of ice in front of a table-mounted fan, the surrounding air will get instantly more refreshing. This is because when the ice melts, it takes the heat from the air around it. The fan blows this super cooled air in your direction, acting as a natural air cooler. Interesting, isn’t it?

Use light, thin drapes

Summers call for light and airy curtains at the windows, using fabrics like muslin that can ‘breathe’. 

Beat the Heat With These Ventilation Tips

Use a wet towel on the window

If you like to sleep with the windows open, hang a damp towel or sheet in front. This will create a natural cooling effect that will help you sleep better. The sheet will dry and reduce the room temperature.

Use cotton bed linen

Swap out your winter bed sheets with fresh, light bed linen, preferably in white or pastel shades. Cotton stays cold for a longer time and will keep you comfortable during sultry nights. Stay away from synthetic fabrics.

Beat the Heat With These Ventilation Tips

Water down the terrace

If you stay on the top floor of the building with a terrace above, spraying water on the hot terrace surface in the evening will cool the tiles and make your bedroom much cooler. An even better idea would be to create a terrace garden with shady plants that can keep the floor cool during the daytime as well, keeping your bedroom fresh. 

DIY ice pack

Fill an old sock with rice, tie the open ends tight, and put this in the freezer for several hours before bedtime. Tucked under your sheets, this home-made ice pack will keep you cool at night and won’t ooze moisture as many packs do. 

We hope these tips will help you to stay comfortable this summer!


  1. Really great article to read. Very great insight to keep cool especially during summer season. the tips and tricks water shared not only will help in cooling down the internal atmosphere however will also add to the overall beauty inside the inside the house.

  2. Being innovative is good when it comes to your own house. And there is no end to it. Amazing Ideas. But to have a lavish rooftop is really upmarket.

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