5 Balcony Designs to Help You Enjoy the Monsoons

5 Balcony Designs to Help You Enjoy the Monsoons

The monsoons are always a beautiful time of the year because it cools the sting of the blazing summer heat. There’s nothing more relaxing than watching the rain on your balcony, ensconced in a comfy chair with a cup of hot coffee in your hand.

Rain can be mesmerising, creating a certain tranquillity deep inside. Having a balcony, whether big or small, is a bonus when you live in the city but enjoying the rain might be a challenge if the balcony is not geared for it.

We give you our hottest design tips on how to retain your balcony’s functionality, make it look gorgeous, and enjoy the rain!

Glass wraparound

Instead of putting up the traditional wrought iron railings consider a tall, glass balustrade. Wraparound glass inserts not only make your balcony look polished but also gives plenty of protection from lashing rain during the monsoons. Most importantly, it allows you to feel the romantic atmosphere that a rainy evening creates without your balcony getting wet.

5 Balcony Designs to Help You Enjoy the Monsoons

Expert reco: Pair glass balustrades with a wooden deck and line tea candles along the sides to bring in a completely relaxed vibe.

French windows and slatted doors

Have too narrow a balcony? Don’t give up hope of enjoying the rain. Opt for French windows. Apart from adding serious charm, French windows give you the option of sitting in the room while still getting a piece of the rain-soaked atmosphere outside. You can also go in for floor-to-ceiling windows with slatted doors that have a vintage flavour. And, of course, the easy way is to install glass sliding doors which you can keep shut and still watch the rain.

5 Balcony Designs to Help You Enjoy the Monsoons

Expert reco: Consider terracotta flooring for a balcony with French windows or slatted doors, add simple white lace or cotton curtains, and keep a tall lantern in one corner. Magical, isn’t it?

Shutters and screens

Retractable shutters might sound fancy, but they are actually a very effective way to keep the rain out while not losing out on the joy of it. Roller shutters with slats lend a very contemporary and chic feel to the space. So do PVC roller Venetian blinds and screens, which come in different colours as well. Transparent blinds that double up as privacy screens are also a good choice.

5 Balcony Designs to Help You Enjoy the Monsoons

Expert reco: Arrange a futon and some bolsters along the wall, punctuate the monotony of the screen with some string lights, and sit back with your favourite person or book for a great evening.

Beach umbrella

Yes, a beach or patio umbrella can be perfect for balconies too, particularly if you have a small one. Depending on the size of the balcony, fix one or two umbrellas on to the railing. Voila! You have your own little cosy corner to experience the monsoon in the best way possible!

Expert reco: Instead of going for boring muted greens or dull monochromes, pick up a zesty multi-coloured beach umbrella. Place a sandbox with some cacti and pebbles to one side and put a foldable deck or beach chair to create a completely chilled out effect.

Awnings or canopies

Awnings and canopies are two of the most convenient and easily doable options to add some character to your balcony. They provide shade, protection from rain, and can convert a plain-looking balcony into a gorgeous one!

5 Balcony Designs to Help You Enjoy the Monsoons

Available in different hues and materials, awnings and canopies are easy to set up and use. Go for the classic stripe design or just pop-out tones like electric blue or parrot green to step up the cool factor.

Expert reco: Pair it with small banquette seating, throw in some small pillows, and lean back to enjoy the glory of the monsoon.


  1. That is nice to know that retractable shutters are an effective way to keep the rain out. Maybe it would be good to get some retractable shutters on my balcony. This is something I will have to look into getting for my home.

  2. At a reasonable cost, a glass balcony can be set up on the terrace of the house and enjoy drinking tea and keeping the flowers in the apartment.

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  4. I totally agree when you shared that it is relaxing to watch the rain on your balcony during the monsoon season. My wife and I are planning to make our home more appealing by changing the rail on our balcony so we can enjoy the views from up there.

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