All You Must Know About MahaBhulekh

All You Must Know About MahaBhulekh

Imagine having a privilege to check land documents online in Maharashtra. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s introduce you to MahaBhulekh, a website that lets you access land record documents online. 

In 2008, the government launched the Digital India Land Record Modernization Programme (DILRMP), previously known as the National Land Record Modernization Programme (NLRMP). As the name suggests, the purpose was to digitise and modernise land records and develop a centralised land record management system to ensure transparency. It was under the DILRMP that Maharashtra government launched MahaBhulekh to reduce human interface in land dealings.

According to the website, “MAHA Bhulekh (Maharashtra Bhumi Abhilekh) is a land record website of Maharashtra state that provides 7/12 extract and 8A extract online to citizens.”

So, what is 7/12 extract? In simple words, it is a document that is an extract of the land records from the books of the Revenue Department of the Government. It contains relevant information like the land survey number, the area of land, details of ownership like name, date of registration, type of land, encumbrances and encroachments, and much more. 

Understanding its importance

Just like any other property document, 7/12 is quite useful in several aspects. First of all, it helps you check the exact location of the property. You also get to know of all the activities that have been carried out on the land, like farming or cultivation. Most importantly, it helps in checking for disputes or litigations, if any. 

The process to obtain 7/12

We present you a step-by-step guide with pictures to download the 7/12 document online. 

Step I: Visit

All You Must Know About MahaBhulekh

Step II: Out of the six sections, i.e Amravati, Aurangabad, Konkan, Nagpur, Nashik, and Pune, select the correct option by clicking on the map or choosing from the box on the right side.

All You Must Know About MahaBhulekh

Step III: Once you select your respective section, you will be directed to another page. We have selected Pune as our section. On this page, select your district.

All You Must Know About MahaBhulekh

Step IV: Next, add your taluka and village for which the land record has to be downloaded.

All You Must Know About MahaBhulekh

Step V: Then you can search the land document using survey number/group number, alphabetical survey number/group number, first name, name in, last name and full name.

All You Must Know About MahaBhulekh

Step VI: Enter your 10-digit mobile number to register.

All You Must Know About MahaBhulekh

And you are done!

By paying a nominal fee, you can also get the digitally signed 7/12 and property card from the website.

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