9 ways to turn your living room into an art gallery

Create an Art Ambience for Your Living Room

The living room in your home is the most lived in room in the house. The living room is at once the family hangout as well as the recreational centre. You want to make your living space comfortable and stylish, cosy and elegant. Using photos, frames and popping wall colours can turning it into an art gallery. We share 9 tips to achieve this effect.

  1. If you are confused about choosing colours, try going for a black and white theme. Picture frames in black or large black and white photos of family or even large vintage black and white pictures on whitewashed walls.
  2. Whether you have a small or a large living room, you can turn a corner into an eye catchy focal point for a dramatic effect. Decorate your photos across both walls that make up the corner. How about a table with a large vase with fresh flowers? Flowers always add a pleasing aesthetic.
  3. If you are a fan of kitsch – Old movie posters or covers of old comics can liven up your living room while giving it a personality.
  4. Another way to add drama would be to paint the walls with rich hues and have curtains in white or pastel shades or arrange multiple photos in frames painted white. White gives the room air and light.
  5. You can go the other way round as well. Paint the walls in white with curtains in rich shades and several photo frames painted in pastels.
  6. You can give your living room into a vintage photo gallery – Put up vintage photos in large or small frames. Try experimenting with oval or square shaped frames against a soft coloured wall for that old feel.
  7. If photo frames are not your jam; you can try decorative tape to stick your photos on the wall.
  8. Experiment with colours on your living room walls. Neon shades can attract attention and having one neon shade pop up all over can help create a dynamic gallery.
  9. Play with the upholstery in the living room. Let the upholstery come together with the wall gallery for a cohesive feel.

Go whimsical. Go over the top. Make your living room come alive!




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