Pointers for a new home buyer looking for villas

8 things to know before buying a villa

Looking to indulge in a villa? Whether it’s a Malibu-styled villa by the sea or a full-fledged villa in the heart of the city, making a purchase undoubtedly involves a decision fraught with scaled-up concerns. There is a tremendous leap in the development of the real estate segment in India, and elite housing projects have become significantly valuable for the house-buying populace. To this end, the rise in disposable incomes and purchasing power of a wider base of the population has only served to increase the discerning nature of the purchaser.

While deciding to buy a villa, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:


Start with stocking up on all the information you can get. Villas are essentially wholesome projects that are taken forward through personal contacts and subscriber associations. Potential buyers are sought after through referrals and connections. To be a purchaser yourself, you need to network enough to understand where the upcoming projects are and where you need to go, in order to purchase it.


Keep the surrounding areas, the geography and the infrastructure in mind before making a decision to buy. The nature and face of property in India has revolutionized itself significantly. With globalization, sensibilities have been altered through exposure, and it is important that your surrounding spaces relating the geography of your proposed villa are suitably filled with the requisite elements for a comfortable living. Good civic management, decent and clean spaces, and well ventilated and drained spaces are relevant factors to keep in mind.

Builder check:

Look at your builder’s records and make sure that he walks the talk, and has a credible track record of delivering qualitative projects. It is counterproductive to your interests to fall in line with property that is too weakly developed.

Consult an advisor:

Rely on professional real estate advice to the best extent possible. A villa is by no means a small investment to make in-roads into, and it is exceptionally important to ensure that you put your money in the right avenues. A real estate advisor has the right idea of the spatial agreements in vogue, and the builder credibility factors as well.  

 Strong contract:

Always read all your documents and fall in line with a well-vetted agreement. Make sure to include a remodelling clause in your agreement so as to ensure that you can enlist the builder’s services in remodelling your villa at any point in the future following your purchase.

Check for government agencies:

Remember to keep in mind that you are likely to share space with governmental agencies if you have a particularly large plot on which your villa is housed. Private roads and private spaces are not quite regulated by the law when it comes to use by governmental agencies that may be in the vicinity. It is useful to keep this as a factor in mind.

Surrounding environment:

There is also a mild constraint that may relate more to the area in question than anything else, in that it takes some time to build the eco-system around your residential spaces. From schools to hospitals, stores to spatial recreational requirements, there may be more needs than you can find solutions for, immediately.

Civic services:

Finally, you are on your own when it comes to handling the civic services in the area, for your villa. Electricity, water works, cleaning out of garbage and municipal arrangements require action from your side.

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