Ideas to decorate your balcony

8 Dreamy Ideas to Decorate Your Balcony

In the multi-storeyed structures of our cities, the balcony is the only exterior area where you can enjoy natural lighting and possibly fresh air. It is a place where you can relax and enjoy cool breeze over a cup of coffee without leaving your apartment.

With small changes and smart décor tips, we reveal how you can transform your balcony.

Check out these eight ideas to decorate your balcony:


Integrate what you love

Your home décor is a reflection of your personality and therefore, the first step in deciding your balcony décor is to integrate what you love. For example: If you love nature, go for a balcony garden.

If you are a book lover, a bookshelf or a coffee table with a cosy armchair would be wonderful!

It is important that the décor is a combination of comfort and style and what you love is what will define comfort for you. You can make the balcony a study room even!

Add planters to balcony railings

If you love to have plenty of plants on your balcony but have limited space, attach planters to the balcony railings. This way, you can have all the plants you want without encroaching on the limited space of a balcony.

 Ideas to decorate your balcony

Planters also add a natural element to the outdoor of your home while enhancing the beauty of the outer area. You can even plant a small herb garden.

A wrought-iron table can set the mood

Choose a wrought-iron table and paint it in a colour that suits the mood and style of your balcony. Complete the set with a couple of folding chairs that can be moved away whenever you don’t need them.

 Ideas to decorate your balcony

Decorate the table with a beautiful flowering plant or two. If not, throw a couple of your favourite magazines and some books to complement your coffee time.

Light it up

You can experiment with lighting as well.

Long vertical arrays of LED lights, when intertwined with the plants of your balcony garden, can make the balcony look bright and beautiful.

 Ideas to decorate your balcony

You can also choose table lamps or create impact with hanging lanterns at different heights, which can give a chandelier effect. Given that most balconies have no need of powerful lighting, small, eco-friendly LED lights are a good option.

Hang up a hammock

Who doesn’t love hammocks? Especially, when you are able to have a wonderful view of the area around your apartment while relaxing in the hammock!

 Ideas to decorate your balcony

If you have a small balcony or one with weird angles, hammocks can surely work to your advantage.

Experiment with colours

Liven up the balcony by adding an array of colours to it. This can be done by painting the planting pots and even the railings of the balcony.

 Ideas to decorate your balcony

Get creative and create patterns on the walls. The more creative and colourful you get, the more fun it will be.

Use accessories

Space-saving accessories allow you to make use of outdoor spaces effectively while enhancing the look of your balcony. For example, you can buy a colourful laptop-holder-planter for outdoor working sessions.

 Ideas to decorate your balcony

Use comforters, rugs, and throws

You can create a cosy sitting corner on your balcony with a side table and few comfortable chairs. Add pillows, blankets, and rugs to complete the cosy setting. Alternatively, you can spread an area rug and place a mattress with a couple of pillows and cushions. This is just perfect when you have friends over, or you want to lie down while having late night phone conversations or just want to stare at the stars.

 Ideas to decorate your balcony

With all the great decorating ideas mentioned here, we hope you will have lots of fun converting your balcony into a cosy, dreamy space.

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