6 Ways to Create a Perfect Homeschool Space for Your Kids

6 Ways to Create a Perfect Homeschool Space for Your Kids

The ongoing pandemic has thrown our lives off routine, changing every semblance of normalcy that we have ever been used to. With social distancing as the new mandate everywhere, schools and colleges are closed, and virtual education has become the order of the day. Students of all ages have had to adjust to new ways of learning, where they have limited contact with friends and no physical activity to help them burn their energy.

In such a scenario, how can you create the perfect space for your kids that can inspire and motivate them to do their best? You might find that your makeshift workspace on your dining table is just not enough anymore, and it’s time to settle your children into a well-designed homeschool environment.  

Here are some tips by Dipti Das, AVP, Design, HomeLane for creating a space that your kids will love.

Set up an established spot for schooling

The first and most important decision you must make is to create a dedicated space for learning. Even a small space that is set up with the basics will help them to get into the mood to study. 

6 Ways to Create a Perfect Homeschool Space for Your Kids

If you have to monitor your kids’ online classes, you will need audio privacy but not visual privacy, so that you can see your child. You should set up workspaces that are close enough so that you don’t disturb each other during work or school conversations. 

Children who can be trusted to work on their own can be in a separate room, as they will not need to be supervised during their classes.

Ensure all required software and system requirements are in place

What does your child need for uninterrupted and streamlined online classes? A laptop or desktop with high-speed internet and a good set of headphones are the basic system requirements. Place the WiFi connection in a location where you can get stable connectivity. If there are frequent power outages, invest in a UPS as a backup supply. 

6 Ways to Create a Perfect Homeschool Space for Your Kids

Invest in adequate furniture 

Your child needs a proper desk and a chair that is age-appropriate. Scale down the size if your kids are very small, so that they are comfortable. If you are short on space in your home, a desk that folds against the wall when not in use is also a great idea. A pin-up board on the wall can be used for maintaining schedules, homework details, and reference notes. 

Create enough storage 

Your child will need to be well organised so that she has everything she needs close by and doesn’t need to move around once her classes have started. Set up her desk with enough storage nearby for her books and stationery. Overhead cabinets and drawers below the desk can take care of books, while you could get a tub to hold stationery like pens, pencils, and colours. 

6 Ways to Create a Perfect Homeschool Space for Your Kids

A stack of loose sheets for notes is always good to have around. Think of space to store science tools, math supplies, and anything else that the curriculum demands.

Pay attention to lighting

Staring into a bright computer screen can take its toll on your child’s eyes. Make sure that the workspace is well lit to avoid stress on the eyes and prevent headaches. Natural light is ideal, so try to set up the desk next to a window that allows both light and fresh air into the room. If there is no window nearby, make sure that there is adequate task lighting that does not cause glare or shadows on the screen.

Choose the right colours

Colours play an essential part in a child’s world, and your little one will get psychologically affected by the colours in the workspace. Children love bright colours, and they soak in the energy of the colours around them. The right colour palette will help them to focus on their tasks, while the wrong choices will distract them and detract from their performance. 

Blue and green are calm colours that enhance creativity and invoke a relaxing atmosphere for your child’s workspace. Yellow sparks liveliness and can keep them from getting bored, while red can be used in combination with other colours to stimulate detail-oriented work. Orange and purple grab attention and are known to enhance critical thinking capabilities but should be only used in moderation. 

6 Ways to Create a Perfect Homeschool Space for Your Kids

We hope these homeschool ideas have inspired you to get creative with the spaces you already have in your home. We’re sure your little ones will soon settle down to some serious learning, with their own dedicated workspace at home.

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