5 Years of PMAY (U): Where Do We Stand?

5 Years of PMAY (U): Where Do We Stand?

In 2015, the Indian government introduced a pathbreaking initiative named the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) aimed at providing affordable housing in both urban and rural areas. 

On completion of five years of the scheme, we present you the report card of PMAY (U). 

Where do we stand? 

As on date, a total of 1.07 Crore homes have been sanctioned in the country, of which about 33% or approximately 35.18 Lakh homes are completed while another 66.23 Lakh homes have been grounded for construction.

5 Years of PMAY (U): Where Do We Stand?

Uttar Pradesh is leading the show

In terms of completion, out of the total 35.18 Lakh houses completed, Uttar Pradesh is the showstopper with over 6 Lakh homes already completed. However, it must be noted that the total sanctioned homes in the state is about 17.48 Lakh. This implies that out of the total homes sanctioned, approximately 34% homes are completed. 

Uttar Pradesh is followed by Gujarat and Maharashtra with 4.22 Lakh and 3.45 Lakh homes respectively. 

Top 10 States based on completion of homes

5 Years of PMAY (U): Where Do We Stand?
Source: https://pmay-urban.gov.in/

If we take a close look at the completion rate, then clearly Telangana, Gujarat, and Rajasthan stand out with 64%, 61%, and 47% respectively. 

Here, it must also be noted that Andhra Pradesh has the highest number of homes sanctioned with 20.16 Lakh, followed by Uttar Pradesh with over 17.48 Lakh, and Maharashtra with over 12.34 Lakh homes.

Based on completion of homes, let’s take a look at the top cities in the top ten states. 

5 Years of PMAY (U): Where Do We Stand?

Can Housing for All by 2022 be achieved?

From high construction costs to unavailability of urban land at reasonable prices- we can’t underestimate the several executions challenges

Having said that, there is a silver lining. In 2019, about 32 Lakh homes were completed under the PMAY (U) across the country. This year, the number has already increased to 35.18 Lakh homes in August, recording a 10% rise. Clearly, there has been steady progress. Considering these numbers, the future looks promising. 

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