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Having Guests? Declutter Your Home Quickly With Our Top 5 Tips!

Anita Kurup

Remember how many times you have stared at your closet and thought “I really must get rid of those old corduroys”? Cleaning up is one of the most common resolutions people make every New Year – In December, you daydream of a clean and well-organised closet and smile to yourself. Yeah, this time you will catch the bull by its horns.

Now January is in your rear view mirror and receding fast. You are cross with yourself for making the hard promise to declutter your home. You desperately want to start but you are stumped by where to begin. The process of sorting and organising appears tedious, anxiety sets in and you put it off for another rainy day. But decluttering your home need not be a painful or an overwhelming process.

Here, we share some easy and fun ways to declutter.

Commit yourself

Commitment is key. Once you have decided that you are going to declutter, no matter what, you can begin.

Clear smaller spaces first

This can make or break your resolve to declutter. Divide the space you want to declutter. Start with smaller objects and then move on to the larger pieces. For example, if you are sorting your closet, begin with accessories and then your clothes. If it is your home, then take up each room separately.

Start with one garbage bag

An excellent technique that has often worked for me. Take a garbage bag and set yourself the goal of filling it as quickly as possible.

Another bag for donations

Fill a separate trash bag with toys, clothes, accessories and household items that are in good shape but not required. Give these away to an orphanage, a school, a charitable organisation or some of your poorer neighbours.

Be tough

Remember to ask yourself the tough questions during the process. Is a specific item necessary? Is a trinket useless but meaningful? Then keep it. If you are unsure about an object, hold on to it for now.

Indulge yourself

Once we begin, decluttering can seem like punishment for letting things pile up. Turn it into a fun activity – put on your favourite playlist, make your favourite drink and sip it while you work and at the end, reward yourself for a job well done.

Take that first step towards decluttering with confidence and not trepidation. We have all been there but with each small step, you will be one step closer to a cleaner home.

Happy sorting!

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