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5 Rules Millennials Follow When Shopping for Furniture

Millennials have always received a bad rap (unfairly, perhaps?) for being self-obsessed and narcissistic. But when it comes to home decor, they have got it right. Millennials lean towards sustainable, earth-friendly products that are aesthetically pleasing and adjustable to small spaces. Young adult consumers may spend selectively, but they are picky about how they want their home to look.

Want to know more about what millennials really think when it comes to home furniture? Read on!

Multipurpose and flexible

Millennials are all about savings. Whether it’s money, time or space, millennials are always trying to make the most of it, and that’s why they love multipurpose furniture.

Furniture that can adjust to small spaces and has multiple uses are a perennial millennial favourite. A bed with a headboard that doubles up as storage or dining tables that fold back in when not in use would be a popular choice.

Shopping for Furniture

Millennials love modular furniture that can be rearranged or assembled in multiple ways for the same reason. Not only are they perfect for small apartments but they also give the flexibility to redesign and refresh a space without extra spending. Shelves that can be rearranged into a small coffee table or sofas that can be converted to a sizeable bed are all great for changing the layout of a room and giving it a new look apart being suitable for small spaces.

Easy and portable

Millennials are a huge influence on the furniture market and have shaped its outlook. One of the primary changes that millennials have brought about is the very way furniture is made. Earlier, furniture pieces were designed keeping agelessness and sturdiness in mind, which also made them quite heavy and difficult to move.

Whether they are chasing new jobs or are already self-confessed digital nomads, millennials are always on the move, which means there is a propensity to rent more than own a house. Today, furniture manufacturers accommodate this lifestyle with easily portable yet durable furniture that makes moving houses less painful.

Shopping for Furniture

Although, IKEA leads the category for sofas or couches that can be dismantled much of their furniture is not exactly portable. New-age furniture brands have solved that problem with pieces that can be bent, stacked, and assembled from smaller and more manageable boxes. Entire dining tables that can be boxed in parts, and cupboards or storage chests that can be flattened and can be hauled with ease up a few flights of stairs would be perfect for young customers who chase their wanderlust.

Space-efficient minimalism

Given the fact that millennials move frequently, they are staunch believers of the less is more policy. They prefer furniture that’s not just portable but also high on minimalism, which is a good blend of sharp design, pleasing looks, and space-efficient.

Shopping for Furniture

Along with clean surfaces and soft shades of colour, millennials love furniture that is sleek and stylish and can fit into shoebox-sized apartments. Living rooms might be tiny, but they will have clever furniture that creates an illusion of space with curvy, flowing lines and warm hues.

Plush rugs on the floor, a simple but expansive couch that might double up as a chaise longue, well-designed coffee tables, and perfectly placed lights are all part of the minimalist decor that millennials love.

Tech-friendly and smart

Millennials grew up with the Internet and social media, and this is an inseparable part of their lives. Additionally, unlike the generation before them, their jobs are flexible and unquestionably come with the work-from-home option. Combine the two, and immediately there is the need for a work-friendly home that embraces technology.

Shopping for Furniture

Millennials love gadgets that are ‘smart’, allowing them to be efficient in their work, and save time spent on household chores. We are talking of smart appliances like internet-enabled fridges and systems like Amazon’s Echo. The millennial home design inevitably includes corners in the home dedicated to working, sporting ergonomic work-stations, and comfortable, well-aligned chairs and tables.

Artisanal and eco-friendly

Millennials are highly conscious of their lifestyle choices, and one of the concepts they focus on is sustainability. They feel more responsible for the earth’s future, and this is reflected in their home decor and even in the design. From energy efficient lighting to products that are made with natural materials like jute and hemp are what you would find in a millennial home.

Shopping for Furniture

In their quest for uniqueness, millennials are also more likely to spring for vintage pieces in thrift shops, reclaimed furniture, and furnishing made out of recycled materials.

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