Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Feng Shui Is Not Improving Your Wellbeing

Getting ready to abandon following feng shui at home because you don’t see any changes? Don’t be hasty in doing that just yet. Maybe you simply need to observe your environment keenly to know what’s going wrong with your energies.

After all, feng shui is about balancing the chi appropriately to improve the quality of your life. Make feng shui work for you with these five tips from our experts!

Fix broken things

Having broken objects in the house is a sure sign of trapped energy. Leaky taps, broken guitars, loose wiring are all indications of damages in your home and are impediments to the smooth flow of energy. When you get around fixing broken things, you are easing the kinks and letting the energy in.

Agree on the same thing

Are you the only one in your family who turns to feng shui for bringing in changes? If your family members are not as committed as you in keeping your home aligned in certain ways, then this could be tilting the scales.

Getting your family on the same page is important to feel results. It means your children keep their study area clutter-free or your spouse cleans wardrobes and garages of unwanted items because they believe in releasing good chi through these actions.

Harmony seeps in naturally when the family is on the same page.

Get rid of expired items

Root through your medicine cabinet and chances are you will find at least a couple of pills or syrup bottles way past their expiry date. Or check your kitchen shelves and you might find food items that are nearing their shelf life. Make sure to use them up soon.

The presence of spoilt or unusable items can block the positive energy that feng shui infuses.

Potpourri and dried flowers are a no-no

That vase of wilting flowers on your kitchen window sill or the potpourri that sits in your bathroom could be deterring good chi from permeating the house. Dried plants or flowers symbolise decay and death, which are not helpful in promoting the right atmosphere in your home.

Keep fresh flowers or potted plants instead to perpetuate vitality and liveliness.

Take a holistic approach

Traditional feng shui is based on in-depth analysis of your time of birth, location and design of the house, among other factors. But in most cases, it is applied only on superficial levels based on stray tips from friends and family. Seeking professional help with setting up your house to align with feng shui beliefs is a holistic approach that is bound to have positive effects.

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