5 interior design tips to maximise space for apartment living

5 interior design tips to maximise space for apartment living

There are several perks to owning an apartment, however, space might be one of the things that we compromise upon. Fortunately, there are many ways to make our apartments look like they have tons of space without actually moving into a larger apartment. Of course, the base idea is to give an illusion of space by removing clutter, using better organisation and a few clever hacks.


Furniture – Lesser but larger should be the mantra

Furniture - Lesser but larger should be the mantra

If your apartment is smaller, don’t look to fill it up with lots of small furniture. Smaller pieces take up a lot more space and hamper functionality. The large items might take up more floor space by themselves, but you won’t need multiples of them, so you won’t be duplicating elements like armrests, for example. A large piece of furniture that replaces two or three smaller pieces usually ends up saving you quite a bit of space. You can buy furniture that can create an illusion of space like glass tables or couches with short legs. Get larger furniture – go for signature pieces – like a wingback chair, a large bookshelf or a sofa with a bed. How about a big dramatic art piece? A large artwork can draw the attention of the eye to it and away from the room itself.


mirrorsThe use of mirrors to expand the size of a room is a great idea. Try placing a desk with a lamp in front of a full length mirror can make the room look larger. Another tip is to put the mirror on the wall opposite to a window – this gives the illusion of double windows as well as helps double the natural lighting in the room.




Maximize lighting

natural-lightingAn abundance of lighting in a smaller room helps make it look a lot bigger. Natural lighting – lots and lots of natural lighting is key. Use thin and light coloured curtains (preferably) on windows – keep curtains and blinds open as much as possible. Light coloured curtains can offer privacy while still allowing plenty of sunlight to come into the room. Go for larger windows and try to keep them open as open windows add the effect of letting the outside into the room, making for the optical illusion of adding space to the room.

Instead of having one ceiling lamp, go for multiple lamps around the room – this will spread the light and make the room look larger. Wall lights will make smaller rooms look elongated. Multiple lamps around the room can lighten up corners making the room look larger.


Light and solid paint colours

colours-1It’s the same principle of more natural light making a room look bigger. Light colours do the same trick – it makes the room look longer and open. Most apartments use light colours on the walls offering more liveable space. Softer and neutral colours can help the room exude light and space. Colours absorb light and make the room look condensed. If you are absolutely keen on a colour, go for a lighter shade of the same. While you are at it, try to avoid patterns as patterns make for visual clutter and makes the walls feel closer. Also, if you do choose a darker colour, you can still attain a lighter effect by using lighter and neutral accessories and furnishings.


Built-in shelves for more space

organized-spaceThink radical when it comes to shelving and storage. How about shelves above the toilet – creates more space in the bathroom. A shelving unit above the bed’s headboard? That means, no nightstand. How about shelves filling an entire wall? Shelves are not just for storage: they are great for organisation. Shelves can hold decorative pieces, home entertainment gadgets can be placed there, and of course, books. Build drawers to keep important and daily stuff handy. You can save a lot of space by simply having appropriate places for your things. Look for vertical storage units as this takes up less floor space.


You have to be open minded when it comes to changing up décor in a smaller home. This can help you save money on interior décor and you could use that money to pay off debts or build up your savings. Remember, the key is Smarter Space not More Space. You can look forward to a happy home.

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