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13 Home Buying Documents That You Cannot Afford to Miss!

After we spoke about the importance of the No Objection Certificate (NOC) last week, one of our readers wanted a list of the documents needed when buying a property.

While this list can vary from case to case, we have listed some of the most important documents you need before signing on the dotted lines.

Sale Agreement

Comprising important information like the price agreed upon by both the parties, property details, unit-level details, etc. this is one of the first documents that a buyer receives from the builder when the deal is sealed. It also comes in handy in case of a default.

Sale Deed

The Sale Deed is important as it records the actual transfer of ownership of the property.

Title Deed

This document proves a person’s right to property. As a buyer, you must check the title deed properly to ensure the authenticity of the transaction. Make sure to collect the original Title Deed for verification.

Approved building plan

Ask for the approved building plan drawings from the developer.

Encumbrance Certificate

This document indicates that the property is free from all legal hassles and has a clear title. It is good practice to get the Encumbrance Certificates for the past 13 or even past 30 years to be on the safer side.

No Objection Certificate

You should also ensure that the developer has NOCs from the concerned authorities. (Read More)

Commencement Certificate

Once the developer obtains all the requisite approvals for the construction, he is issued a Commencement Certificate. This document is also important if you are opting for a home loan.

Occupancy Certificate

Issued by the civic authority of the city, this indicates that the construction of the project has been done in compliance with the approved plan and building by-laws.

Completion Certificate

This states that the project has been constructed as per the required norms and regulations.

Khata documents

It is a legal identification document that contains all details about a property like the name of the owner, location, and size of the building, among others. (Read More)

Joint Development Agreement

If there is more than one person responsible for the development of the project, then you must take the Joint Agreement Development papers as well.

Allotment letter

This is given by the developer if you are opting for a home loan.

Letter of no dues

Once you have made all the payments to the developer, you will be issued a letter of no dues.


Apart from the above-mentioned documents, you will also have to gather a registered deed of conveyance, Land-Use Certificate, details of electricity, water, and power backup, and car parking allotment details.

In case you are going for a resale property, in addition to the above documents, you will also have to procure some additional papers.

These include receipts of property tax paid by the present owner and Transfer Certificate. In case, the owner has authorised someone else to do the transactions on his behalf, ask for a general power of attorney.

To verify the legalities of all the documents, do concern a legal expert. Did we miss anything? Share in the comments below!

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