10 Tried and Tested Tips to Child-Proof Your Home

You probably think that there’s nothing safer for your child than playing at home, surrounded by his/her loved ones, sheltered from the dangers of the outside world. And, that’s exactly where you could go wrong!


While freak accidents can happen anywhere, the ultimate truth is that curiosity gets the best of kids. It’s their age to smell, lick, touch, prod, feel and explore the environment they live in. No wonder, childproofing one’s home is an essential exercise that needs to be undertaken as soon as your baby learns to crawl!


It’s the toddlers and preschoolers that need to be kept out of harm’s way. Here are a few tips to turn your home into a child-friendly zone:

Stow away any chemicals, liquids, and medicines

From dishwashing liquids, baby oil to bleach, any liquids, especially chemicals are hazardous for your kid. Make sure you keep such things in a place inaccessible to your child. When using the lower cabinet in the kitchen/bathroom to store chemicals, make it a point to install locks for these.

Cover the corners

Children tend to use the harsh edges of furniture to pull themselves up. You can minimise damage by using silicone corner caps to cover the edges of kitchen and bathroom countertops, dining tables, coffee tables, and the like.

Fix your furniture and appliances

Be careful with large pieces of furniture and appliances. Avoid placing any heavy objects on furniture that can topple due to a sudden movement.

In terms of appliances, make sure you fix your TV on the wall and use floor anchors to secure the different components of your home theatre.

Lock the gas stove knobs


How fascinating must the light of a gas stove be to a kid? Use stove knob covers that prevent any movement of the knobs.

Heat proof your home

A child’s sensitive skin is rather susceptible to burns. From storing a hot toaster or iron out of a child’s reach to keeping the hot water faucet closed at all times, it’s important to pay attention to gadgets or devices that operate at a high temperature.

Drown proof your home

To avoid any accidental drowning accidents, make it a point to drain the sink or bathtub after every use. Never leave a filled bathtub unattended. Additionally, if you have a pool in your house, then invest in a pool cover.

Choke proof your home

Choking is the most common cause of death among kids, so never leave your child unattended when s/he is eating.

Eventually, almost everything makes its way to your kid’s mouth, so any small objects that put your kid at the risk of a choking hazard should be kept away.

Cover electric sockets

Most sockets are installed at a level that is easily within a child’s reach, so it’s advisable to install socket covers for these.

Ensure that you are buying covers made specifically for Indian sockets as sockets tend to vary internationally.

Lock doors and windows

Keep the doors and windows locked when your child is awake. There’s nothing more alluring for a child than the adventures offered by the outside world.

Trim any cords and wires


Inhibit your kids from pulling any loose strings and hurting themselves by folding and securing any hanging wires and cords, including those from blinds and curtains.

You shouldn’t stop your kids from learning but, make sure your kids are safe while they are at it.



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