Designing tips for kitchen

10 Simple Designing Tips for Your Kitchen

Is home where the kitchen is? The kitchen is often considered to be the most important part of a house as it is not only used for cooking and serving food but also interacting with family and socialising with friends. Over the last decade, this vital space in our homes has evolved significantly.

From the look and feel to the practicality – a lot has changed in the modern kitchen. Thus, it is natural for you to ensure that your kitchen is designed in accordance with the latest trends.

Here are a few useful designing tips to get you started:

Hire an interior designer or do it yourself

Hiring a professional is always recommended if you want to save time and energy. Professional designers have the latest ideas and information, and they can help you identify your needs and translate them into an efficient plan that fits your taste.

Designing tips for kitchen

You may also go for a readymade modular kitchen. The drawback is that it is a bit difficult to get this customised.

If you are planning to design the kitchen by yourself, then do some research online. See some reference pictures and get ideas before starting the project.

Switches at the right places

Give proper thought about plug points. There should be enough electrical points to run your appliances. Also, having one to two extra plug points is always recommended.

Designing tips for kitchen

Hob and chimney selection

Before deciding the interiors of the kitchen, think where you are going place your hob and chimney. A lot of people, who believe in Vaastu, prefer to cook while facing east or west. Once the countertop and lower cabinets are fixed, it is difficult to alter them. So, select the model and size in advance.

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Designing tips for kitchen

Right laminate and plywood

For the kitchen, use solid wood, boiling waterproof (BWP) and boiling water resistant (BWR) plywood. Also, choose the laminates that are easy to clean. There are many stain-free laminates available in the market.

Designing tips for kitchen


A well-planned countertop is one of the critical elements to decide your comfort in the kitchen. It is the place where the real work happens. More the horizontal space, merrier. Countertop extension can be achieved by adding an island or breakfast bar.

Designing tips for kitchen

Choose either granite or stones like composite marble and quartz. They are non-porous, so they are suitable for the kitchen countertop, especially the Indian kitchen where we use a lot of spices and oils.


Think about this first.

Plan the storage space such that all that you need is within each easy reach.

Innotech or tandem boxes are in trend in the modular kitchen. These are sliding drawers which are easy to access. So, make a combination of 5-6 Innotech boxes to store utensils, 1 or 2 regular shelved cabinets and 1 or 2 plate racks.

Designing tips for kitchen

Corners are hard to access. Thus, add swing corners to utilise this space. They are available in different designs. For overhead cabinets, use lift-ups with hydraulic support. If your kitchen is small, consider installing extra-long upper cabinets or add a loft for extra storage space.

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Tall units or a separate pantry are, again, a perfect way of utilising space.

Designing tips for kitchen

You can store all the groceries in the same place for easy access. You can get pull-out readymade pantries but, in my opinion, these are not space-efficient and budget-friendly. Customise these with the combination of a few shelves and pull-out drawers to utilise space efficiently.

Use profile handles

Instead of regular knobs and handles, you can opt for profile handles made of high-quality aluminium. They come in colours such as silver, gold, bronze, chrome etc.

Designing tips for kitchen

Vegetable washing sink

If you have a separate utility area to wash utensils, then do not waste counter space by placing a big sink in the kitchen. Just keep a small sink for regular cleaning. The rest of the area can be utilised for cooking or other appliances.

Designing tips for kitchen


Ensure that you have good light in the kitchen. It is naturally a great safety feature when it comes to handling sharp knives, appliances, and other kitchen tools.

Add some LED strip lights on the ceiling, skirting, and cabinets to make the kitchen look beautiful and warm in the night.

If you are planning to create an island, a pendant or hanging lamp will look good.

Designing tips for kitchen

This article is contributed by Ashu Khatter, Simplify Your Space.

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  1. This is very useful. This is a very big help to people who just started building up their houses and not just for the starters, but I also admit, the laminate wood, I also buy and install them after reading your post. Thanks!!!

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  3. I think that whatever the design of your kitchen is it should accommodate everything you want and should serve your purpose in the best possible way.

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