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10 Easy Hacks to Make Your Home Spick and Span

You must have seen tons of such articles, and it may seem like another clickbait title trying to call for your attention. But these easy home hacks can really save you time, spare you a lot of effort, and improve your home.

Because let us admit it, we all need some help when it comes to housework, especially, when you have kids. Below are 10 home hacks that are easiest yet the most effective when it comes to improving your life and cutting down stress.

Your gateway to shining mirrors

Keeping the mirrors shiny clean is one hell of a task. Right? Well, not anymore. Clean your mirror with vodka or isopropyl alcohol and watch it shine in a matter of minutes.

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You can even create your own window cleaning solution by mixing a part of vodka, a part of vinegar and two parts of distilled water. Fill it in a spray bottle. Spray it over glass surface or window panes and clean it with lint-free clothes to get that clear and perfect shin.

Removing stain marks from clothes and rugs

If the stain is wet and still fresh, try to remove as much as you can with the help of a wet cloth. Then pour a ½ inch of salt over the stained area. Reapply salt whenever needed. Leave it for 2-4 days. The salt will soak up any food or ink stains.

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You can then break the salt and vacuum clean the area. For stains that are old, first, moisten the place with isopropyl alcohol and then repeat the above-mentioned procedure.

Cleaning blender jars

Cleaning blender jars is one of the toughest and the most annoying things to do. However, with this hack, cleaning blenders can become so much easier. Just add a few drops of liquid soap in half a jar of water and blend on high for a few seconds. Rinse and you are done. As simple as that.

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Prevent pots from boiling over

We would all have faced many an accident in the kitchen. Milk boiled over while you were attending to something else? There is one simple remedy that can prevent this. Place a wooden spoon horizontally over the pot. This will make the liquid boil instead of spilling.

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So, now you can easily put the milk to boil and watch your favourite show without fear of the milk boiling over.

Keep your ice cream soft and scoopable

We all love our ice creams soft and creamy. However, when stored in the home refrigerator, the ice cream often gets hard and loses taste. To prevent this, keep the ice cream tub inside a plastic bag before placing it inside the deep freezer.

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This will prevent extra-freezing of the ice cream and it will be as soft as when you first opened it until the last scoop.

Make perfectly boiled potatoes in the microwave

It is extremely fast and convenient to boil potatoes in a microwave oven. Peeling them off, not so much. This is because microwave-boiled potatoes lose moisture and get dry.

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In order to get perfectly boiled potatoes in the microwave, place them in plastic bags. Plastic bags will retain the moisture and boil them perfectly like they are boiled with water in a gas stove.

Smart storage hack

We often have many different types of snacks in our kitchen, and mostly in small portions.
Storing them in different containers takes up a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen. To save space, you can stick shoe pockets on pantry doors and use them to store snacks.

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If not snacks, you can use the pantry door to store spices, condiments, cutleries or anything else you find suitable.

Get a grip with an elastic band

Every kitchen has some jars that are a nightmare to open. They are either slippery or plain tight. In order to get a grip and open these jars, you can tie a rubber band on its cap. This provides a grip and ensures that you are able to apply the required pressure to open the jar easily

Keep stainless steel silverware gleaming

In order to polish stainless steel utensils and get rid of the tarnished look as a result of regular use and washing, rub each utensil with a thick baking soda paste. Leave it for some time, rinse and dry well.

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To clean stainless steel sinks, rub plain baking soda all over once a week. It will keep the sink gleaming and spot-free.

Clean the inside of bottles

It’s often tough to clean the inside of bottles with small necks. Try using uncooked rice. Mix uncooked rice with a few tablespoons of water and a drop of dish soap. Put the lid on and keep it aside for some time. Then swish it until the bottle is clean.

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