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Our Top Tips for Buying the Perfect Floor Lamp

We all know that lighting makes the difference between a dull room and a bright room. Kind of obvious, isn’t it? While we may be limited in terms of light fixtures, we have options galore when it comes to lamps.

But deciding on which lamp to buy might seem like a very simple process. Pick a design, choose the lamp, and you are done, right? No. Not if you want the perfect lamp that matches your home in all aspects. Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect one.

Make a statement

Lamps are not merely functional objects. Not anymore. Today, lamps are part of the decor, lending character to rooms. Match your lamps to the colour of your walls. Or let it be a pleasing contrast.

Having a red lampshade against a mustard coloured wall would be a very elegant touch. Love to add some art without paying a bomb? A tall floor lamp with an intricately carved stand would be a wonderful addition to the room.

Decide the purpose

One of the primary questions that need to be answered when buying a floor lamp is the purpose behind it. Are you buying it to add a decorative touch? Or is it going to be a reading lamp? Narrowing down the uses of the floor lamp will enable you to decide the kind of lighting that you should be looking for.

If you are targeting enhancement of the ambience, then perhaps a soft glow would be perfect. Want to highlight a particular object? Then go for accent lighting where the object in question will be in focus. And if it’s for a reading nook, then a bright bulb with a semi-transparent lampshade might work best.

Place it in your room before buying

A floor lamp, whatever the purpose, does alter the look of your room. A lamp that appears to be just the right size or colour for your room at the shop may not be so when you finally bring it home.

Take pictures of your room to avoid disappointments and multiple trips to exchange lamps. Make sure you take pictures of walls, the room in its entirety, and the placement of the switches. Essentially, place the lamp in your room at the shop first before you buy it.

Safety is important too

Safety is an often overlooked feature when buying floor lamps. Depending on the height and weight a floor lamp can be potentially dangerous if not built well.

Pay particular attention to the base of the lamp. Choose something that is heavy, and well balanced in proportion to the overall weight of the lamp, especially if you are going in for a tall one.

Choosing a style

Floor lamps come in thousands of styles, and even if you have got all of the above points right, it can still be confusing.

Again, turn to your overall home decor for inspiration. Do you want the lamp to blend with the current style or do you want it to stand apart as an attention-grabbing piece? Are you more the earthy ceramics kind or the steel and glass modern kind? Jotting down a quick list of your preferences will cut short the time spent at the lamp store and help you pick the perfect lamp.

There you go. Pick the perfect floor lamp and transform your room with ease!


  1. This blog is really very amazing and it is very helpful to make our home decorative. Thank you for sharing this blog.

  2. To make the floor perfect and eye-catching we need to use the best lamps. This article is an informative one. It gives top tips for buying perfect floor lamps which will suit the floor perfectly. Thank you so much.

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    it’s really amazing you give top tips for buying perfect floor lamps and you say ” Floor lamps come in thousands of styles, and even if you have got all of the above points right, it can still be confusing” this point is really true and I face this problem also.

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