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The Top 5 DIY Home Decor Tips You Wish You Knew About Earlier

Decorating and setting up a home today is not as fraught with confusion as it used to be before. In fact, the confusion might arise from which store to go to for that perfect wallpaper or which online store to trust while buying your lampshades from. And yet, even after all that, sometimes home decor still does not quite make it…home.

Store-bought items are convenient and come in endless varieties. But making something of your own comes with its own feeling of pride and contentment.

Here are five DIY home decor hacks that anyone, we mean anyone, can follow. Prepare to feel chuffed. And yes, you are welcome.

Repurpose old items for new uses

Items meant for a specific purpose might do their job well, but they sometimes prove to be equally (or more) worthy of serving a different one. We already do it in our everyday lives. We use a paper cup as a pen holder or a plastic bottle as a flower vase. But things like these can also be used for some serious styling without blowing a ton of money.

DIY Home Decor

Those shower caddies in so many different colours and sizes? Turn them into a spice rack to accommodate your new-found love for cooking. Fix them against the side of a big shelf or hang them with a hook on the door and they will easily hold your ever-growing spice powder collection.

If you are renovating your house and have old cupboards or doors that are being revamped, don’t throw them away. Simply paint or decorate the panels in these items, and you have a perfect and unique serving tray. You can make it easier on yourself by fixing the handles from old drawers on to either side too.

Use wallpaper in more ways than one

Wallpaper is taking off in a big way now in India because it’s simply so beautiful as well as versatile. Wondering what to do with leftover wallpaper strips? Well, you are going to be spoilt for choice! The simplest way to use those strips would be to make art prints out of them for your walls. Frame them and put them up as gorgeous wall displays.

Have old dressers and cupboards that are beginning to show their age? There’s wallpaper to the rescue.

DIY Home Decor

Cut out appropriate sheets and paste them over and see the transformation. Wrap them around your window-sill flower pots or use them even as a tablecloth with lamination. Or put some of your decoupage skills to the test, and combine wallpaper with some paint to create stunning photo frames, mirror edges, and lampshades.

Convert old clothes into funky decor

If you have done the good thing and given away old clothes to charity banks, and still have some lying around, don’t relegate them to the trash bin. Your home decor can be as good as new with these old clothes. Well-worn and torn jeans are bound to be lying around somewhere.

DIY Home Decor

Make funky-looking artwork by cutting out strips from different shades and glueing them together in rows or the shape of a fan. That can also be made into a little rug. If you have many jeans, then cut out the back pockets and make them into a streamer decorated with some pretty ribbons or twine. Hang it along the wall or like a bunting across a window.

Old sweaters or caps can be repurposed too. Cut out circles or squares, glue on some colourful beads around the edge, and you have a lovely little set of coasters right there. Or how about using them as a mug warmer? Cut out a swathe the size of your mug and just dress your mug up. They can even be transformed into cosy cushion covers! Cut out appropriate sizes and simply sew them on. You can even reuse those nice-looking big buttons on this one.

Utilise paper cups beyond the party

Paper cups and plates are incredibly useful. And not just as party cutlery. They can be repurposed and reused in multiple ways to enhance your home decor to a great extent.

Why not light up your home with a party theme? Use the same paper cups as at the party, poke a hole at the bottom of the cup, and put string lights through them. For a more lasting accessory, glue the backs of several paper cups together and put an Edison bulb through and you have got a lovely pendant light. They also make lovely mini lamps.

DIY Home Decor

Pop a tealight into a long-stemmed wine glass, carve out the bottom of the paper cup and put it over the glass. You have an elegant lamp for each seat at the table.

For those of you who are a little more advanced and don’t mind using some tools, try tinkering with teacups. The same way as a paper cup, drill out the bottom of the teacup and use them as light fixtures, little lamps, or even as curtain holders.

Fix broken things into creative accessories

Just broke your favourite coffee mug? Or a pretty vase? Cry not. That’s the reason why kintsugi exists. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of making broken things whole again but with a little bit of help from paint and glue.

Carefully piecing together your mug or cup or vase and then lining the cracks with beautiful paint will create an entirely new artwork out of them. Who knows, they might end up looking prettier!

DIY Home Decor

Kintsugi works best for ceramics and terracotta and other similar materials. But what would you do with your broken mirror? Well, again you might need some paint and other decorative accessories. Take the pieces, stick them on to a canvas and fill the gaps with paint to make your own artwork.

If you have had your car windshield broken and developed cracks resembling a spider web, remember to not throw that glass. Salvage it, frame it, and let it take pride of place in your hallway. The effect will not disappoint you.

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