Transform Your Living Room

7 Secret Tips to Transform Your Living Room

Tired of your living room style? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Designing a living room need not be an expensive affair. You will be amazed at the transformation your living room can undergo by switching out a few small items or just by making tiny additions. Imperceptible changes can lead to a gorgeous living room!

In this post, we present you our seven most-effective secret hacks make your living room the best.

Restyle and reconfigure

Living rooms can look, well, lived in after a long time, and will be in desperate need of a do-over. The simplest way, then, is to reconfigure it. Change the position of that sofa, angle that coffee table ever so slightly or arrange those ottomans a tad differently. Moving furniture around can be enormously effective in making your living room look more spacious and colourful without having to spend money.

Another way to redo your living room is by creating little pockets of space. Choose a corner, set up a comfortable chair with pillows and throws, and position a floor lamp just so. Voila! You have a reading nook or tv watching spot!

Or how about a little hobby corner? If you are into activities like knitting or crocheting, playing board games or jigsaw puzzles, and the like, then allot some exclusive space by hedging off a small side of the room. Arrange it appropriately by setting up a low table or with a footrest. 

Find funky uses for old furniture

Ok, so you decided to go on a rearranging spree, and you also ended up decluttering the living room. Don’t know what to do with all that old furniture now? Don’t throw them off yet. If you have old wooden chairs and tables, give them a lick of paint, fit the chairs with bright cushions and they can be a great colourful addition.

Alternatively, you can take apart old furniture and use them for various purposes. A chair, for instance, can be broken down into just the back and the seat, which can be used as shelving for plants or knick-knacks.

Take down a crumbling bookshelf and repurpose it into crate-like boxes for toys, as playpens for a pet, or as a newspaper and magazine stand. This gives a rustic look to your living room too!

And here’s one of our favourite tips. If you have a sideboard or small storage closets that are no longer needed in the living room simply turn them into a small bar counter! Fix a kitchen roll holder on the side, add a new top, and you have a brand new stylish and functional bar counter.

Add some greenery

There’s nothing like a spot of greenery to infuse a breath of fresh air. Add some succulents or cacti or some indoor flowering plants to bring in that refreshing splash of green. Or how about some herb pots to expand your kitchen garden skills? A lovely, medium-sized terrarium in a mini-glasshouse style would look great too, and so would a small globe style terrarium that can be hung. You could even dedicate an entire shelf in the room for a row of different types of plants.

If you have a pillar or two in the living room, encase them with creepers. Or if you have a balcony attached then drape vines over the railings or from ropes strung across. You can also place pot plants with long strands and vines in a macrame holder and hang them from the ceiling for a unique effect.

Mix up the lighting

Changing the placement of floor lamps or even the type of bulbs in overhead lights can have a dramatic effect on the room. Move the floor lamp to a different side, and you will immediately notice that it highlights different aspects of the room. Place it in such a way that you cast the light on areas that were in the shadows before. This will make your living room take on a fresh and different look.

Tone down the lighting if it’s currently bright and install a dimmer switch. Consider using low watt bulbs to exude a soft, warm, and inviting effect. Alternatively, try out one of the app-controlled ones that allow you to change colours to spice up the atmosphere. Mood lighting works wonders in living rooms with the ability to switch on various hues according to the occasion.

Another easy yet supremely effective way to transform your living room is to make use of different types of candles and lanterns. Place lanterns of various sizes around a water bowl with flowers in them. Mix up pillar candles with small, wide scented ones. Not only do they lend the room a very appealing glow, but they also make the room smell good. The overall effect is nothing less than mesmerising if matched with some low lighting.

Switch up pillows and cushions

Those tired looking cushions? Well, they can pack a punch! Provided you dress them up accordingly. There can never be too many cushions if your sofa or couch is broad enough. Change their arrangement and also get some new covers with different colours and designs to enhance the effect.

Move from your old blue and grey combination to a more cheery orange and white, for instance. Or perhaps switch those classic block print designed bolster covers to more contemporary, geometrically patterned ones. Chances are you will get the question, “did you get a new couch?” many times!

Redo the window dressing

They may not be noticeable immediately, but sometimes it’s the window dressing that can make a significant impact on the room. If your living room is on the smaller side and you had cloth curtains, switch them to thin bamboo style blinds. Not only do they give optimum shade, but they also give an airy, lighter feel to the room. If your room gets a lot of natural light, you can also opt for lightweight and patterned blinds, which will add a splash of colour as well.

If your curtains were at window height until now, try and position them higher. This gives the impression of large windows, making the room appear more spacious. Opting for tall and heavy drapes that extend from floor to ceiling will also have the same effect. They also lend a warmer and cosier effect to the room. If your curtains are not patterned, complement them with a designed valance. They always make the room seem less severe, giving a cheerful, friendly effect.

Don’t forget the floor

While lamps and couches can create a more obvious impact, don’t forget to accent the effect by changing the floor design. If you had bare floors, then adding a rug will give it structure and make the room more well defined. Consider scale, colour, and maintenance required while choosing the rug or carpet so that it matches your room and lifestyle in all aspects. Oversize rugs will make the room appear smaller and disproportionate sizing will make the room look incomplete.

Envision your room with different shapes of rugs and carpets too. Rectangular, square or circle, the rug should fit the central area where all activities tend to happen. Consider texture as well to give the desired effect to the room.

If a communal, inviting effect is what you are gunning for then soft and shaggy rugs that will let your feet sink in would be perfect. If colour and brightness is your goal, then go for faux wool or woven texture. You can also consider layering by opting for different sizes.


  1. Also would like to add the points of gallery wall and personalisation.
    A gallery wall of paintings, photos, posters would be a great idea. This also adds to personalisation – adding your poster collection, souvenir paintings, OR! small canvases with patterns or easy painting by family. Another idea is to have your collectibles on display. Also, another though is to have a trent – with intricate carvings or patterns.
    – Atom Interiors, Bangalore

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