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Benchmark was born of a desire to bring about a defining change in the building construction and real estate industry. A change to not only rewrite the rules of project management but also to effect a sea change in the way the sector was perceived.

Founded at the turn of the millennium in 2000, Benchmark pioneered the concept of Design-Build-Sell (DBS); an integrated and comprehensive Project Management Consultancy encompassing every aspect from design and construction to marketing and sales to maintenance and management.

Bringing to the table a professionalism of service, dedication to quality, transparency of operations, and integrity of commitment that was as refreshing as it was revolutionary; Benchmark rapidly developed an enviable reputation for innovation and value addition. Today, an impressive number of premium projects in and around Mumbai in the span of just a decade, stand tall in eloquent testimony of the change that Benchmark propounds and propagates.

With Redevelopment being the mantra of change for Mumbai, Benchmark intends to spearhead this change by leveraging its expertise, experience, reputation and track record of performance to offer comprehensive redevelopment solutions in a professional, transparent and ethical manner.

Any change is as good as the people managing the change. At Benchmark, the change for the better is managed by a team of professionals with established credentials and proven experience in project management consultancy, real estate development and property management. As pioneering advocates of change and seasoned exponents of change management, Benchmark offers redevelopment clients an integrated array of services and solutions that are cost efficient, on schedule and have enduring value.

Benchmark' impeccable record in project management consultancy gives it an edge that regular developers can seldom match.

Consultancy/advice at every step

Transparency through all the phases and processes

Thorough Professionalism

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