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INHOUSE PROJECTS INDIA PVT LTD is a new-age developer and builder with a foundation set firmly in your dreams. Our concrete belief in giving you value on every deal and service translates into Quality and Affordability.Regardless of where you presently reside – India or overseas – you can look forward to living in world-class villas and apartments in properties amidst breathtaking surroundings in any part of Kerala that your heart longs for.We consider you our family, so feel free to consult us on any matter – our in-depth expertise in local realty trends is at your disposal.Apart from practising global safety standards, our technical know-how is put to good use by building paved paths that connect you with the towns and cities around you. Since 2001, we, at INHOUSE Projects, have been receiving global acclaim for our sophisticated services and unmatched consistency in growth. With a goal to build apartments in key locations in Kochi, we believe in upholding our investors’ trust, a vital component of real estate.

We know you in and out, which makes us a sought-after consultation concern in the realty and construction sector. Our presence is strongly felt throughout every phase – planning, hand-over and maintenance. So when you walk on a freshly rolled carpet in your new dream home, you will get a glimpse of our excellence and success which stem from such attention to detail. So feel free while living in the sheltered environs of your new home, and indulge in top-notch facilities installed just for you.

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