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Santosh Splender

Maheshwaram Near Srinivasa Medical & General Stores

Approved By:HMDA

28.39L - 28.39L

14193/SqYd +

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Shreya Green Meadows

Maheshwaram Near Goldenridge Integrated Township

Approved By:

21.01L - 42.01L

10503/SqYd +

21.01L - 42.01L

Sree Vensai Bramhani Avenue

Maheshwaram Sivaganga Raja Rajeshwari Devi Temple

Approved By:DTCP

popularity scorePopularity: 57

6.75L - 54.00L

4500/SqYd +

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6.75L - 54.00L

Emerald City

Maheshwaram Adjust to Indian Oil Petrol Pump

Approved By:

19.49L - 48.01L

12996/SqYd +

19.49L - 48.01L

City Heights Iman Enclave

Mamidipally Pahadi Shareef Airport Main Road

Approved By:

20.88L - 1.31Cr

12501/SqYd +

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20.88L - 1.31Cr

Gangothri Emerald Heights Phase II

Maheshwaram Near Brahmani Avenue

Approved By:

12.00L - 31.50L

4500/SqYd +

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12.00L - 31.50L

7.00L - 27.52L

7002/SqYd +

7.00L - 27.52L

Jai Mata Di 5th Avenue

Maheshwaram Near Vanasri Farms

Approved By:

42.34L - 84.89L

22050/SqYd +

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42.34L - 84.89L

Banyan Tree Retreat Plots

Maheshwaram Near Arya Bhatta Institute of Technology & Science

Approved By:

popularity scorePopularity: 51

47.99L - 71.98L

11997/SqYd +

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47.99L - 71.98L

Anandanilayam Kandakatla Valley

Maheshwaram Near Peddamma Temple

Approved By:

28.73L - 45.97L

11493/SqYd +

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28.73L - 45.97L