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The Building Co offers a varied range of urban living through its diverse projects catering to a wide section of buyers who are looking for not only affordable housing but also elite living in Hyderabad, Telangana. The Building Co is amongst the city’s most diversified and trusted real estate developers. Established in 2017 after acquiring rich experience in the industry, The Building Co, out of a desire to demonstrate convenience and excellence, has a proud tradition of servicing the latest generation of buyers by building houses that cater to not only the people living in them but also to the environment. We are working towards minimizing wastage by preplanning and calculated planning to reduce waste and optimize resources. Our vision to be a contributor to a Greener India is strengthened every day as we continue to innovate and design ‘Good’ and ‘Green’ buildings.

Given the constant influx of Indians moving into urban areas year after year, we firmly believe that there is an opportunity to seize the opportunity to urbanize in a sustainable manner. It has always been a constant endeavor to be a contributor to the environmental sustainability movement. Our projects over the years have demonstrated The Building Co’s commitment to environmental sustainability. We aspire to contribute to the Urban Design thinking in the country by building sustainable projects.

Mr. Ajay Salike is the Founder and Visionary behind The Building Co. He has been in the industry for over two decades and has started The Builidng Company for the new era of real estate development and to cater to the dynamic requirements of the diverse population of Hyderabad. He comes with rich experience, immense knowledge, and fertile innovation in the field. A self-learned man with a background in Commerce, he has learnt and understood the industry first hand. He is an active member of CREDAI.

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