S&S Green Projects Pvt Ltd



Overview of S&S Green Projects Limited:

"A 15 Year old company, S&S Green Projects follows a basic 4 Point Standard - the quality of air, use of natural light, conservation of water and good health, which is committed to sustainability and builds green residential buildings. This standard is adhered to in all its projects. In addition to creating architectural masterworks, the Company takes meticulous care in ensuring that the projects have perfect Vaasthu, utility, a clear title so as to give the customers a hassle-free ownership. An intensely customer focused Company that guarantees a quality product that will last generations - S&S Green Projects."

S&S Green Projects Pvt Ltd ‘s 4 - Point Agenda:

They also aim to build homes which make living healthier and happier. This is one of the main reasons why every home that they construct, conforms to the basic 4-Point standard – the quality of air, use of natural light, water conservation and good health. Apart from helping their customers save over 40 percent on electricity and water, 4-Point Homes makes their lives healthier by almost 20 percent.

Number of Ready to Occupy Projects: 2

Number of Ongoing Projects: 1

Year of Incorporation: 1988

Ready to move projects (1)

Sold out projects (1)