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Venkata Ramana Reddy is a civil engineering graduate from Osmania University. He has been in the construction industry for over 24 years and his company specializes in building residential and commercial projects.

He had a licensed and qualified construction contractor, who has been designing and building commercial, public and residential buildings for years. He specialize in using various materials to construct well-designed buildings that are sustainable, compliant with the latest building codes, and attractive to the eye.

Our Story
Nithin Constructions, a leading construction company with over 15 years of experience in the industry, has been making top-quality constructions all around Hyderabad. With their impeccable experience and expertise, they have always managed to make constructions that are durable, safe and secure.

?Nithin Constructions always believes in providing the best to its customers. Their aim is to create something that can last for generations and leave a legacy in this world. So when it comes to building, they don't compromise on anything – right from the quality of materials, workmanship and safety measures taken during construction – because all these factors are equally important.

?Nithin Constructions is one of the best constructions in Hyderabad as they have been conceptualizing and executing projects for over 20 years now. Nithin Constructions are known for its work ethic, quality, and performance excellence.

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