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Manasri Infrastructure and Developers Pvt Ltd



Established in 2014 as a Construction Firm involved in building Independent Houses/Villas & High-Raised Apartments & sale of Open Plots, Lands, and all of this shaped Manasri Infrastructure & Developers Pvt Ltd. In 2016 we registered our office at Gandipet & branch office at Shivam Road.

Mr K. Ananth Nag, a Diploma Engineer & Management graduate in Human Resource/Marketing, and Director Operations at Manasri Infrastructure & Developers Pvt Ltd. has been into infrastructure & Home loan Business since a decade, He is working with the current team in an active role, sharing his expert knowledge of marketing Housing Projects & has been an integral part of the organisation since its inception in 2014.

Ms Madhavi, a SAP Professional and Managing Director at Manasri Infrastructure & Developers Pvt Ltd. an NRI from New Jersey, USA. She has vast experience in infrastructure investments as this has been her family business. She is working with the current team in an active role, sharing her expert knowledge of proper investment in properties, & been an integral part of the organisation since 2015.

Manasri Infrastructure & Developers Pvt. Ltd. is focused on bringing out the best in everyone involved, whether employees, sub-contractors, vendors or customers. The company constantly makes an effort to give each employee the maximum freedom and trust possible to perform their duties. At the appointment stage and at periodic intervals, the company asks employees to take on the role best liked by them to ensure they will enjoy performing their responsibilities. The company takes on new fields of activity, whenever an employee/associate or vendor shows proficiency in that particular activity. To ensure that more and more people get this opportunity from the company, the company believes in fast growth both in terms of employee/sub-contractor/vendor base as well as customer base. The company's vision is to work at the grassroots level and include activities which are needed by each person, namely food, shelter, healthcare, education etc.

To spread our name in the market as one of the best of construction & infrastructure company. To be known as a provider of excellent quality services. To be known as an organisation that walks towards hardwork and let the results talk, lasting generations.

The company fosters the growth of the following values in its employees and seeks customers who have similar value systems: Ownership; this is our company. We accept personal responsibility and accountability to meet business needs Passion for Winning we all are leaders in our area of responsibility, with a deep commitment to delivering results. We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most for our customers.

People Development: People are our most important asset. We add value through result driven training, and we encourage & reward excellence in customer focus we understand customer needs and build construction works to fulfil their requirements completely.

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