Saroj Shelters


We are a private limited company established in April of 2004. Our primary focus is promoting residential apartments, in and around the city of Coimbatore.

In the ten years of our presence in the industry, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves by achieving great customer satisfaction, not just in the quality of our build, but also by virtue of the relationship we nurture with our clientele.

We understand the allure of owning a house; so each of our builds is carefully crafted with great attention to detail. Great care is taken in bringing together various skilled craftsmen to attain a standard of quality that percolates far beneath the surface. We are constantly coming up with newer, more environmentally sustainable and innovative ways to improve our designs. As a family business, we pride ourselves for creating a bond with our customers, a friendship that persists long after we hand over the build.

Transparency with our customers is very important to us, and we employ this virtue to ensure that they have access to all information like plan areas, prices, documentation etc. regarding their properties.

We are also committed to non - aggressive marketing as our corporate culture. Our projects are reminiscent of our love for bright, well ventilated spaces, with an emphasis on comfort.

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