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58 properties matching your search criteria in Chennai

Elite Sri Balaji Nagar

Tambaram Near Sri Natesan Vidhyala School

Approved By:CMDA

popularity scorePopularity: 99

15.13L - 35.71L

2345/SqFt +

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15.13L - 35.71L

Akshaya Gardens

Tambaram East Near GKM Vidyashram School

Approved By:CMDA

20.16L - 20.16L

2250/SqFt +

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Green Valley

Tambaram East Near by Bharat Engineering College and University, Mappedu

Approved By:CMDA

popularity scorePopularity: 79

17.05L - 17.05L

3100/SqFt +

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Vishwak Sameeraa Grand City

Tambaram East Near Saradha Gangadharan College

Approved By:CMDA

popularity scorePopularity: 94

14.21L - 92.50L

2400/SqFt +

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14.21L - 92.50L

ALA Garden

Tambaram West Opp. to Ruby Apartments

Approved By:DTCP

popularity scorePopularity: 58

11.26L - 23.96L

2100/SqFt +

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11.26L - 23.96L

Dollars Colony

Tambaram East Near Vengampakkam Bus Stop

Approved By:CMDA

15.23L - 57.00L

2700/SqFt +

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15.23L - 57.00L

Yeses Green Garden

Tambaram West Near Madras Christian College

Approved By:

popularity scorePopularity: 78

5.88L - 24.50L

980/SqFt +

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5.88L - 24.50L

VVK Devaraj Nagar

Perungalathur Near Sriram Medicals

Approved By:DTCP

20.70L - 55.20L

2300/SqFt +

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20.70L - 55.20L

Vijay Shanthi Fortune Square

Tambaram East Near Tagore Engineering College , Sri Lakshmi Kuberar Temple,Near Anna Main Road

Approved By:DTCP

9.54L - 66.05L

1590/SqFt +

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9.54L - 66.05L

Sri MM Nagar Phase 3

Tambaram Near Bharath University and Tagore Engg College

Approved By:CMDA

15.00L - 30.00L

2500/SqFt +

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15.00L - 30.00L