Raunaq Foundations and Galaxy Home



Raunaq Foundation engages in Construction and Pioneer in Urban residential Dwelling.The Resolve of the firm is to exercise highest criteria of professionalism paired with the best in quality. Sustainable Living per se outlines every effort and helps realize lasting homes , Loved for generations.

Raunaq Foundation takes great inspiration in Sculpting nesting by taking deep consideration of customer feedback and reviews.Addressing the user needs,tops the design criteria and leads in functional design effort.A Qualitative attitude towards business ensures that if not the best , then do not rest.


Galaxy homes is a leading homemaker activetly engaged in construction and development of residential Apartments in chennai for several years now.Re-branded in year 2012,Galaxy homes has been conciously, solidly built with firmly rooted pillar of ethical value and Equitable Business Practices.

At Galaxy,We Strongly belive that it is the Quality of Our Thoughts which determines the quality of our actions that would have direct impact on quality of our result.and therefore we spreadout our wings in this noble profession with a clear school of thoughts of that of trust and Transparency, Highest quality standard ,Highest level of Custmer satisfaction and continous learning and development.

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