Ram Housing


You can trust our quality, our commitment to the work and our sincere team will do whatever that’s needed to go above and beyond to bring you, your home.

Ram Housing is a company which can be credited among the other companies of Chennai who have laid the basic foundation for modern City today. With two decades of prestigious track record we had set enormous landmarks and helped the city of Chennai to progress in a fast way.

Our journey of creating homes for the middle and lower income groups was our mission when the company was initiated and is it’s still progressing on the erected path by achieving excellence from our clients.

With advance guard approach and forefront expertise in designing the bricks into impressive buildings we have proudly completed 25 projects making us one of the leading builders who excel in creating lifestyle out of spaces.

We have continuously offered high quality homes to our customers and are really proud that we have been doing this for the past two decades.

We are different from others that we offer much more than what is commonly offered by others. We always carefully manage the construction of every home that we build to the smallest detail. Our homes possess standard home features and customizable options. Find out more about us and check if we can accomplish what is needed for you and your family!

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