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We made our humble beginning way back in 1985 as building contractors with a small group of expert engineers. Over the decade we grew organically and came in existence and became a self-sustained company. Bhaggyam earned its recognition in the industry by undertaking diverse projects in domestic buildings sector. We specialized in residential bungalows, commercial complexes, hospitals, schools and industrial buildings. We have worked with some leading architects and have constructed landmark building in the city. As we continued to work and have success, our clients would repeatedly come back to us to take on all their projects as they started to see the quality that was provided. We gradually started to build a trust and loyalty among our customers. We then gradually diversified into flat promotion and went on to construct more than 500 apartments in Chennai. Along the years we became renowned residential builders in Chennai. We have trained and developed a wonderful team of workers, managers and sub-contractors that we are proud of. Though we have come a long way, we never stop learning. We always try to improve and find a better way of doing things to increase quality of our work and keep our customers satisfied.

Our core is our values – ethics, safety, quality, people, culture, relationships, innovations and sustainability. Our promise to our customers – integrity, respect, collaboration, trust and delivery.

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