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102 properties matching your search criteria in Bangalore

PC Realty Park Lane

Devanahalli Road Near Kaggali Hanuman

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popularity scorePopularity: 69

26.94L - 61.08L

2245/SqFt +

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26.94L - 61.08L

Symbiont Emerald Natura

New International Airport Road Karnataka Bank

Approved By:

24.00L - 48.00L

2000/SqFt +

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24.00L - 48.00L

MSquare Telecom Indus City

Devanahalli Opp to Aero Space SEZ

Approved By:BIAPPA

popularity scorePopularity: 62

10.50L - 35.00L

875/SqFt +

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10.50L - 35.00L

Dhammanagi Florence

New International Airport Road Near ITC Factory

Approved By:BIAPPA

43.20L - 86.40L

3600/SqFt +

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43.20L - 86.40L

Sri Durga Chaishalya

New International Airport Road Opp ITC Factory

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17.50L - 35.00L

2500/SqFt +

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17.50L - 35.00L

Legacy Esta

New International Airport Road Near Amulya Resorts & Park

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42.00L - 84.00L

3500/SqFt +

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42.00L - 84.00L

SBI - New Bangalore

Devanahalli Opp to the Cricket Stadium, Near New DC Office, Devanahalli, NH 207

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11.99L - 47.95L

999/SqFt +

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11.99L - 47.95L

Pragna The Highway

Devanahalli Road Near Nandi Giridahama Police Station,

Approved By:

18.50L - 57.48L

1850/SqFt +

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18.50L - 57.48L

Aditya Aero City

Devanahalli Near Jnana Gangotri Public School

Approved By:BIAPPA

31.80L - 39.75L

2650/SqFt +

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31.80L - 39.75L

Ajmal Flora Valley Plots

Devanahalli Near Gnana Deepa Academy Residential School

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36.00L - 57.60L

2400/SqFt +

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36.00L - 57.60L