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29 properties matching your search criteria in Bangalore

Shriram Godhuli

Chikkaballapur Near Kempegowda International Airport

Approved By:DTCP

6.58L - 54.80L

548/SqFt +

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6.58L - 54.80L

Thrive 360East Muses Abode

Chikkaballapur Nagarjuna College of Engineering Bus Stop

Approved By:

popularity scorePopularity: 80

15.28L - 84.93L

1350/SqFt +

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15.28L - 84.93L

URI Shirdi Sri Sai Nagar

Chikkaballapur Near New Govt Multi Speciality Hospital

Approved By:

popularity scorePopularity: 74

2.40L - 4.80L

400/SqFt +

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2.40L - 4.80L

Essenn Silver Kites

Chikkaballapur Near Assistant RTO Office

Approved By:DTCP

6.28L - 35.96L

899/SqFt +

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6.28L - 35.96L

Apranje Times Square

Chikkaballapur Near SJC Institute Of Technology

Approved By:

23.53L - 47.06L

1961/SqFt +

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23.53L - 47.06L

Trans GCC Samruddhi

Chikkaballapur Government Higher Primary School Chowdasandra

Approved By:BMRDA

popularity scorePopularity: 86

5.40L - 12.60L

450/SqFt +

5.40L - 12.60L

Commanders Tangram 9th Avenue

Chikkaballapur Near Agalagurki Bus Stop

Approved By:

14.78L - 45.62L

1424/SqFt +

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14.78L - 45.62L

Tirumala Royal Elite

Chikkaballapur Near Shashib Engineering College

Approved By:DTCP

7.19L - 7.19L

599/SqFt +

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Bhagyashree Akshaya

Doddaballapur Near Suprajit Automotive

Approved By:

14.82L - 28.90L

1549/SqFt +

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14.82L - 28.90L

Eternity Villa Plots

Chikkaballapur Chikkaballapur

Approved By:

19.49L - 31.18L

1299/SqFt +

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19.49L - 31.18L