UBR Realty


UBR Realty is one of India's quickest growing property development companies, enjoying a distinctive reputation both for its ability to deliver exceptional quality and for its clear-eyed focus on premium locations.

The Group's steady growth has seen it compile a portfolio that spans the spectrum from residential properties to strategic landholdings and through its commitment to excellence in architecture and construction and its visionary interpretation of international styles and ideals. UBR Realty has developed a following in the marketplace which is unique. Clients trust UBR's instinct in site selection and are rewarded by a superior quality of life experience, underpinned by solid investment opportunities.

The promoters of UBR Realty share the belief that the beauty of the natural world can be matched with inspirational architecture to deliver experiences which enrich life and create pleasure in all its variety. For them, this is realized to its fullest through the human mind spirit and in international caliber developments at irreplaceable locations.

Combining the personality and style of an independent residence with the reliability, consistency and attention to detail, UBR Realty has redefined the luxury and design-led lifestyle residence experience.

It began with the recognition that there are homeowners who seek a balance between style and substance - in their own lives, and in the destination they choose, Each UBR property embodies this balance with a strikingly modern approach to design that is as refreshing, accessible and comfortable, with an emphasis on usable area, solid construction and exceptional amenities.

Each residence synthesizes our energetic, vibrant, forward-thinking attitude into an atmosphere entirely appropriate to its destination. It's an approach that reflects the UBR Realty vision of the residence as a mix of vibes and elements that mingle to create a lifetime of memories.

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