Swagruha Grand Builders & Developers Pvt.Ltd


Swagruha Grand Builders & Developers is one of the fastest growing builders & developers in Bangalore. We have well-trained team with over 10 years of amassed experience and knowledge of the market. We are providing customer with expert advice on investments. We are survive our time for sourcing residential/commercial properties depending up on the customer preference.

The commitment of our company is towards providing a higher quality of life in all our projects. From addressing the most basic needs like Electricity,drainage, water & park with all modern facilities to provide of world-class amenities, we strive to combine comfort with luxury in all our real estate ventures. Swagruhagrand has a provin track records of innovation & customer satisfaction.

We take pride in bringing excellence and innovation in the housing sector by developing architectural marvels. We have also earned a reputation in the market for being one of the few builders who integrate ‘green’ concepts in our projects

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