Shweta and Gita Constructions India Pvt.Ltd


Like most of the success stories, “Shweta and Gita Constructions India Pvt Ltd” came into existence after funneling through hard core Real Estate experience for over a span of a decade. During these years, our founder ,Miss Shweta Mishra gained exposure to real estate as an investor for many prominent builders of Bangalore.

For our founder, a lady, an engineer from VIT, with strong belief, far sightedness, and with an impeccable leadership quality and vision, it did not take long to visualize a Real Estate Company, which gives the best “value for money” for the end users.

So came into existence Shweta and Gita Constructions India Pvt. Ltd.

Building homes is a commitment we would like to appreciate honouring with our clients, so we make sure our project engineers to management are at your need for your queries.

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