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Shankara Agraharam


The design and layout of Shankara Agraharam, the Vedic village, is a oasis like cluster of peace and calm in the hustle and bustle of the city. It provides the much needed solace to the hectic life of the people of this silicon city. At the, Vedic village, there is knowledge being imparted at one side and Goddess Sri Sharadamba, Lord Sri Chandramouleshwara and Sri Adi Shankara showering the blessings on the devotees on the other side.

Shankara Agraharam, The Vedic Village is built on the ideologies of Sanathana Dharma like Asammoha, Sama, Bhava, Ahimsa, Samata, Tusti for attaining the highest order of spiritual intelligence and to lead in the right path towards godliness and attain moksha.

From the architectural point of view the Shanakara Agraharam is unique and different from the other Brahmin settlements of the countries and, at the same time it draws a contrasting picture of the traditional style of architecture as well. The prime objective of this research was to compare the vernacular architecture with the design and planning of the agraharam, and the various socio economic, religious and political factors behind it. The Agraharams has borrowed some features from the traditional vernacular architecture, like in the case of building materials, timber which was easily available and common in Agraharams was also used extensively. However, other than this, the spatial organization of the Brahmin houses remains unique and untouched.

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