Renaatus Projects Private Ltd.


We,the Renaatus Projects Private Ltd. with our vast construction experience , are promoting this Housing Project, SWARNABHOOMI,along with Sriram Promoters.
Our construction experience is on all the widespread areas , including that of all infrastructural facilities like Plumbing,Electrical and the decorative finishes of both the internal and external aspects of any building, especially of residential nature.

With our extensive experience in conventional construction methods, we donot hesitate to switch over to any new technology like pre-casting, or post-tensioning or any other economic construction method Our knowledge and application of Quality aspects of building construction is to the highest degree Our interest in procuring the right construction materials required for any project has been very high We always maintain a long list of loyal , genuine and dependable venders.

We are executing most of the specialist items ourselves , when their quantities are not very high. Our understanding and the rapport with the specialist subcontractors are very much appreciable. Our longing and taste for architectural look in the construction of buildings make us call for different architects without any hesitation We have very high involvement in procuring any major or minor machinery and equipment required for the construction of projects. We are the proud owners of many major equipments like Tower crane, JCB. Hitachi, Road rollers and huge quantity of M.S. Form work and Scaffolding materials.

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