R-Square Designs Pvt. Ltd


Here is another colossal endeavor from famous R-Square Designs Pvt. Ltd.

We, R-Square Designs Pvt. Ltd., have put up an experience of over 2 decades in the field of architecture and development. Hard core professionals by nature and trade, We have designed and developed several residential and commercial projects in around Bangalore, Chennai etc. and these projects today stand tall and have brought us name and fame.
We proudly proclaim that we have designed the architectural marvel of the recent times -‘Guhantara’ off Kanakapura Road.
This project earned us accolades from many corners, and was adjudged for the Award of Best Designers(Architects). We are the creators of world class eco stay locations like Guhantara, Jhari, Aadi and many more.
‘Akshaya’ is another marvel in the making.

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