Indaus Group Pvt Ltd


Established in 2005, Indaus Group is one of the most reputable and trusted companies in commercial and residential construction and is widely considered to be an industry leader in both innovation and sustainability. For more than a decade, Indaus has been influencing the landscape of architecture in the country with a focus on building a strong foundation of happy customers.

Indaus Group believes in synergising environment, design and economics to produce sustainable projects of timeless beauty, significant value and enduring quality. Our innovative and functional spaces have been specially designed, detailed and built by Indaus Constructions with a rare combination of innovation and a human touch. Indaus projects, you'll see, are sensitive to your needs, both emotional and practical.

While design and construction is our specialty, we are also widely recognized for our ability to keep up with the latest in technology,design and construction. We ensure that each of our clients receive value, quality and reliability.

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