First Futuristic Holdings Limited


First Futuristic Group consists of a number of separate legal entities with high flexibility to adapt to changes in market. FFG has achieved tremendous progress ever since the inception half a decade ago. We have currently diversified into the ever lucrative luxury segment of construction and infrastructure. Our strength is the committed professionals we have onboard and the combined experience of over four decades in design to completion of commercial and private assets in geographically diverse locations. We are bringing together architectural grandeur, modern building techniques and human values.

FFG is the leading financial and building solutions company with outstanding track record and growth potential. Our focus is on human values, trust and customer satisfaction.

FFH Ltd is the fulcrum of all business activities under the FFH flagship. We are based in India, a rapidly growing market and a prime location to capitalize on the excellent growth oriented prospects in our operating and surrounding regions. We are a specialist financial services company with a reputation for providing innovative and expert wealth management solutions. Our financial strength, stability and consistent growth has made us the leading and trusted investment solutions company that is on a definitive growth trajectory. We have continually focused on building strong relationships with customers and business partnerships with like-minded institutions and individuals to build a long-lasting and proud association based on our core traditional values. We primarily deal with provision of financial services for individuals and private sector entities. From humble beginnings, we have grown to a $ 50 million in assets under our custody and $100 million under our management. Today First Futuristic is the holding company of all the subsidiary companies and oversees the subsidiary functions from a centralised operations facility. FFH has subsidiaries doing specialised functions headed by respective specialists with operations in India, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States and other regions where FFH has strong partnerships with regional specialists around the world.